All About Us

Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is a national business and professional women’s organization, founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1942.  It was founded by eleven business and professional women of vision:  Merry J. Hubbard, Atheline Shelton-Graham, Ivy Burt Banks, Lena Reed, Ann Porter, Dorothy Sylvers Brown, Katherine Douglas, Mae Edwards Curry, Earline Carter, Ethel Madison, and Mattie Rankin.  The headquarters is located at 19983 Livernois Ave., Suite B, Detroit, Michigan 48221.

The purposes of the organization are to sponsor, foster and promote programs and activities designed to improve the standards of business and professional women.  The Sorority awards scholarships to graduating high school students; supports programs and agencies working with developmentally disabled citizens; and develops and sponsors career development programs.

The Motto of Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is:

 “Not for ourselves but for others.”  A model organization that is visible, effective, self-sustaining and growing to support the needs of the community.

The National Theme

“Making a Difference in a Changing Society”

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